Forced Action Mixers

Forced Action Mixers is a website we were asked to consult on and build for a client who is selling into the construction machinery market. Our specification was simple: no frills, no bells, no whistles. Just build a simple single page website to help educate contractors on the history and thinking behind a forced action mixer.

Our client asked for the website to be written subjectively and with the main aim of helping people to understand this relative newcomer to the market.

They asked for a bold look and feel to the site with an easy-to-navigate interface which would be accessible to everyone.

One feature which was requested was for a quiz to be built which could help to pair a user with a machine or manufacturer, based on what was important to the user.

Forced action mixers are becoming more widely used in the UK, thanks to a rise in the popularity of so called resin bound gravel. A relatively new type of surfacing which helps water to soak through while staying looking good and not breaking up every time we have a decent summer, unlike tarmac!

We kept the layout and design very simple, including links to most major manufacturers and some other resources like YouTube videos and articles from across the internet.

Landing page
Simple quiz
Quiz results