Keyword Identification 

Different Search Engine Marketing companies vary their approaches to keyword research, it is therefore beneficial to learn about the most common tool used to perform this along with the basic process of how a keyword is identified and selected.

Keyword research is the core of any SEO campaign, the first stage of the process is ensuring you know exactly about the page you are optimising. Have you used a variety of sources to pick the initial keywords? And are the keywords you are searching relevant to the content the website offers?

After grouping a selection of relevant keywords together you will find it favourable to use the most talked about tool to assist the keyword research process – The Google Keyword Tool. The keyword tool allows you to input these search terms and receive an estimated yet accurate amount of monthly search volumes per keyword. Not only does the tool provide statistical data on your keywords that you have searched it also offers a wide and varied selection of phrases real people have searched for across the last month related to your initial keywords.

Furthermore, keyword competition volumes will also help decipher what keywords to select. Targeting the competitive keywords should realistically be used for sites that are established in the market and have been operating for over two years. However, these keywords for new websites can still be kept in mind for later additions.

It is important that when performing keyword research on the Google Keyword Tool that keywords should be set to exact match type so that it is not missing or adding on any words or figures to the original phrase. Additionally, using exact match will point traffic to the most relevant page on your website.

Obviously only those keywords that are relevant to your website with reasonable search volume and competitiveness should be selected to drive potential customers to your website.  Considering the tips above you can make sure that your company is targeting the most relevant keywords that generate increased traffic to your site which consequently produces a higher ranking on Google.

It is therefore no wonder that the practice of keyword research is one of the most worthwhile, constructive and profit yielding activities in Search Engine Marketing – a simplistic process with outstanding results.