On Page Search Engine Optimisation

The first and most fundemental element to Search engine optimisation, is On Page Optimisation. The search engines must be able to find and read the content on your website to understand that it is relevant to what the search engine user is searching for, therefore you need to ‘optimise the website’ or address the onsite SEO issues to ensure that it is achieved.

Put simply there are 2 main elements to On Page Optimisation:

  1. Content or keywords – if you want to be found for particular keywords or phrases on Google and the other search engines, it is important that your site contains those keywords and relevant content. This doesn’t simply mean that you need to add those keywords hundreds of times as this is seen as keyword spamming and will ultimately have the effect of being punished by the search engines. We take the simple approach of putting humans first, which ensures that your site will rank well and also perform well.
  2. Technical site issues – onsite SEO also considers ensuring that any technical issues within the site don’t interfere with the ability of the search engines to see the content / keywords. Examples of common problems affecting this include
    • badly coded or thought out navigation
    • lack of sitemap
    • non W3C compliant pages

    We go into further details regarding this in our focussed articles on alt tag optimisation, title tags,meta keywords, meta description, using css for seo, javascript seo tips and internal linking.

Effective On Page Optimisation

Onsite SEO can often make an immediate and profound impact on search engine positions. It can frequently be the case that a website has very good links to the site and good offsite SEO already and therefore only needs onsite SEO to get the all important 1st page search engine rankings. Our experienced and professional approach to both onsite SEO and offsite SEO means we are producing great results for our clients. Speak to us today to find how we can maximise your onsite SEO and acheive high rankings for your site.