Positional Advertising Services

Positional advertising Services have changed dramatically in the last few years and have become more accessible from a cost- and return-on-investment perspective, opening up this form of Internet marketing to all types and sizes of businesses.

Positional advertising services can now benefit from behavioral targeting and remarketeting. Behavioral targeting and remarketing both use cookie technology to allow banners to be displayed on all types of websites in front of potential customers based on their behavior. For example, should an interested person visit your website and then leave (for whatever reason), when they visit other websites that support behavioral banner advertising campaigns, your ad will appear in front of these people, reinforcing your brand and your message. Behavioral targeting can even be done with text advertising as part of a pay-per-click website banner advertising solution.

No matter how your campaign runs or what technology it uses, Single Throw’s Internet marketing consultants have the expertise and proven track record to help you achieve success with a well-developed and maintained banner advertising campaign designed to deliver a return-on-investment.

Positional advertising can also be combined with other Internet marketing services to create a complete Internet marketing strategy that helps to sculpt your online presence  that can achieve all of your corporate branding and customer acquisition goals.