What is Online Presence Management 

Online presence is what defines your company across the web. It is the blanket of what is needed to maximize exposure, drive traffic and increase profitability through effective online marketing. Holding the top spot on google, bing, yahoo and other major search engines is just a small piece to the puzzle of an indestructible online presence. Our team evaluates your audience, developing and implementing a plan of attack. This effort is continual and our team stays active in each area of building your business

Having a website is not enough. Having a Facebook page is not enough. Yet on the other hand, signing up for every available social media platform and having 5 websites is too much. A balanced approach must exist that covers the main bases of where users will be searching for your product or service.

Online presence Management  includes the following features:

  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Domain Name Purchase Strategy
  • Surf Engine Optimization (optimizing the path the user takes through the website)
  • Training of all Employees regarding online communications about the company
  • Coordination of blogs, tweets, and other messages from employees
  • Use of particular platforms for specific purposes
  • Deep understanding of user analytics and the communication of these results to respective management

Online presence management is for the small to mid-sized company looking to improve their overall web presence.